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Dog MushingDog Mushing

Discover traditional transportation and feel the rhythms of the land. Guests experience the bond between musher and dog when they learn to harness the dogs, hitch up the team, and learn the commands. Our guests also become acquainted with the equipment, such as the harness, gang line, snow hook, sled and the straight-line harness. We also instruct them on the dog line up - leader, point, swing and wheel dogs. Lastly, guests are prepared for their first northern expedition when they’re taught to remove the harness and tie up the dogs.


Guests can apply their newly acquired mushing knowledge by hitting the trail to truly experience the expansive northern wilderness. Our travelers will hook up and drive their teams in the unspoiled land. Once we hit our destination we attend to the dog teams. Our guests will unhook and tie the dogs, then make their beds and feed them. Once the dogs are settled, it’s time for our guests to settle in by setting up camp, cooking and eating, followed by a good night’s sleep to prepare for the following day’s return.

We also have U-Drives that allow our visitors to drive their team around the track. To ensure safety, a guide always follows them on a snowmobile

Survival Training

The story of the North is the story of survival. As part of our culture camp, we share the centuries old traditions and survival techniques for this rugged land. Guests learn to survive the rigors of the wilderness by learning the finer points of rabbit snares, types of wood, making a fire, lean too’s, and many other necessities.

Culture Camp

Here, our guests become acquainted with northern life and traditional living. Our culture campers are taken on tours of the land. They’ll learn about dogs, survival, and arts and crafts. In winter, they can marvel at the celestial wonders of the Aurora Borealis. They might even take in some ice fishing. Our guests will not only learn about northern culture, they get to live it.

Arts and Crafts

This is an inspired land that lights the creative spirit in all who visit. Our guests get instruction and try their hands at moose antler carving, traditional sewing of fur hats, mitts and slippers, as well as moose hair tufting. Visitors can also learn the ancient art of moose hide tanning.

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